We’re here to help you from scratch.
Finding the essences of your brand,
then develop them and translate it into a proper presentation format
in terms of visual layout.


We don’t really believe the saying “Packaging is a Silent Salesman”
If we can make yours “Speak Out”,
surely your sales won’t be so silent anymore, right?


A picture worth a thousand words.
If we can give 30 second or more, worth with beautiful visuals,
imagine that kind of impact for your audience.


we are the “Restless Dreamers”

We’ve been called the anomalies.
The people that are strangely placed in this branding, packaging and advertising industry with different takes on what we love to do.
From distilling brand’s essence and develop branding visuals,
to helping brands dress up and make-over their packagings to speak and stand out among the crowd.
We are not only create your brand’s engaging stories to tell to your customers. But we also restlessly dreams for a world that brands and their stories are no longer called advertising, but simply just an appalling touch of our everyday breathe.

Anggy Syahriannanda

My love at first sight with Creative Industry was in high school. It was my friend who introduced me to an exciting world of graphic design, so I decided to take a degree on advertising and continue to have fun with it until now.
The industry fits me a lot, considering that I’m not really the suit and tie guy who attends meeting almost everyday, No way! I strive to grow my strength in art and creative world.
How about Music? Absolutely! Can’t hardly turn down any offers on music. Bass player on a metal-band, electronic-band, DJ, also happened to be an On Air production in a radio in Bali. A hobby with a lot of benefits and advantages, right?
“Live with passion, because it’s worth every second of your life” 🙂

Cindy Febriani

Giving and receiving is my call at work. Dealing with Creative Briefs, and present my team’s work to the clients,
is something I enjoy most of the time.
Meets bunch of a new people are always interesting, since I love positive vibes so much.
Being around people who shares their positive thoughts and ideas always motivates me.
Flowers are always be my muse. Trying all the good foods makes me happy, as happy as when I go traveling. And..Yes! chocolate, cakes, ice cream and cookies are my routine, that’s why friends often called me a sweet tooth.
Having a friends and hanging around with them are precious moments to me. But sometimes having myself at home with books, movies, and tv series are just the best moments in my life.

Dandy Maulana

I have a cat-like-curiosity as my superpower’s strength. My curiosity makes all the aspects of art, design, branding, and advertising, always look new and fresh to explore.Therefore I keep my curiosity flourishes in my brain, my heart, and of course my belly.. 🙂
Football maniac, with a never-ending dream to be an AC Milan striker, wearing number 7 jersey, though my favorite number is 18.
Love rock music to the bones, but listens to pop music daily, since my wife holds the remote-control wherever there’s a remote to control to.
Happily bombarded myself with news, Twitter timeline, Facebook statuses, Blogs, and Gossips with reading comics and watching fantasy movies as my guilty pleasure hobbies. I will be found window shopping somewhere, when I have no deadline or any bad guys to catch.

Diah Fatmawati | DeeDee

A girl who has too much flair towards fashion that many people suggest that she fits in Account Dept more that Art Dept and claim that she has a wide interest in arts, I tried everything that caught my short attention span.
Draw comics (failed), painting (stopped), clay figurine craft (too pricey hobby), designing jewelries (hiatus),
makeup (too busy to join a class), photography (on and off relationship), fashion styling (a few gigs, still finds a way to become a pro), fashion blogging (0 comments in the entire posts).
My new recent interest wud be to enroll in a fashion design school and rock the international fashion world (Amen!).
I just hope my myriad interests do more good toward my ad job rather than de-concentrating me doing my work (lol).

M. Luqman Baehaqi

It’s hard for me to describe myself. I’d prefer we meet and talk so you can give me your version about me. But here’ is a little clue..
I work in advertising but now I am also doing comedy standup at night, I love the way Seinfeld thinking; there is always something unique and interesting in every moment we live everyday.
I also do magic. yes I can read your mind. Derren brown is my favorite conjurer. YouTube-him, and I bet you will love him too.
Judd Apatow is my favorite movie maker. When my life be made into a film, I want Judd Apataow to makes this film
Batman is my favorite superhero since Superman is too perfect, and Spiderman is too captious.
Got a picture of me, yet? yes I know, so let’s meet.

Avellino Victor

Someone once told me, creativity is overrated. Ideas belong to everyone, whether they realize it or not.
You don’t make yourself a ‘creative’ dude, being the one who delivers the ideas. For me you just merely a ‘create’ dude.
Being the one who inspires others, the one who sparks that creative juices, the one who put the seeds of great ideas, and the one who seems less likely to be the creative head, IS the master-plan of creative life for me.
Looking for Out of the Box ideas? then I’m sure you’re out of ideas. Don’t try to look Inbox, or Outbox.
Instead, why don’t you try to ask “What box?”



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